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Tag: industrial engineering

017| [ENG] Ana Riveros, Industrial Engineering Student, SHPE Chapter President @ University of Central Florida

Ana Riveros is an Industrial Engineering student and President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers chapter at the University of Central Florida. We recorded this episode during the annual SHPE conference @ Cleveland, Ohio where more than 7000 professionals and students gathered to connect and learn about #STEM.

Ana is a very charismatic student leader that has gained experience as a reliability engineer at Lockheed Martin and General Motors. Ana shared with us her experience being a female SHPE president, her challenges getting out of her comfort zone working with GM in Flint, Michigan and a reflection on the #SHPE2018 Conference.

**Disclaimer***We recorded this episode at the Historic Cleveland Arcade on the last night of the #SHPE2018 conference. Apologies for the background noise.

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014| [ENG] The Importance of Having a Mission: Rocio Mendez, Production Manager @ Tesla

Time for another English special! Lots of you have asked me to make interviews in English and I am listening. I spoke with Rocio Mendez, Industrial Engineer and Production Manager at Tesla.

I clicked with Rocio right away. She was extremely open during our conversation and I felt that I learned a lot with her. From how to have diffcult conversations with peers to managing your time effectively and motivating others.

I make the point on keeping these conversations informal because I find that the more you realize that these people working at tech giants are regular people, I feel that more of you will realize that you too can have a career in tech.

In this episode of Conexiones Rocio shared:
* Her journey as an Industrial Engineer
* How she got to Tesla
* Having tough conversations with peers
* Her philosophy on building and motivating effective teams
* The Tesla Mission
* Working with Elon

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